Hair Quality

What is BELLAMI Professional Hair Quality?

BELLAMI Professional Hair is known for its exceptional quality, ethically sourcing Virgin Remy Human Hair that is meticulously processed to ensure longevity, luster, and natural movement. 

What is the difference between Virgin Hair and Virgin Remy Hair?

In general, Virgin Hair refers to natural hair that has never been chemically treated or processed. Virgin Remy Hair is Virgin Hair that has been sourced & carefully selected to ensure that not only is the natural hair not chemically altered, but cuticles are intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling and matting. BELLAMI Professional sources Virgin Remy Hair to produce high-quality hair extensions.  

What is the difference between Remy and non-Remy hair?

Remy hair has cuticles that are kept intact and aligned in a unidirectional manner from sourcing through production, which minimizes tangling and maintains a silky texture. Non-Remy hair, however, does not have 100% of cuticles aligned, leading to a higher likelihood of tangling and matting, specifically when hair has been washed several times. Non-Remy hair is specifically reserved for DIY hair as that product type does not typically require extensive exposure to moisture. Both BELLAMI Professional and BELLAMI DIY clip-ins are made of Remy hair. 

How Can I tell if Virgin Remy Hair is authentic?

True sourced Virgin Remy Hair will have a consistent and natural look with all cuticles aligned in the same direction. It should feel smooth, have minimal tangling, and no matting if cared for properly. BELLAMI Professional sources Virgin Remy Hair to preserve as much of the cuticle as possible during the production process. 

Where is BELLAMI Professional’s Virgin Remy Hair sourced?

BELLAMI Professional’s Virgin Remy Hair is ethically sourced from the Central Asia region, known for high-quality hair, ensuring that all hair is collected with the consent of the person selling their hair and with fair compensation. 

What is the difference between single drawn and double drawn Virgin Remy Hair?

Single drawn hair contains varying lengths of hair, providing a natural tapering effect. Double drawn hair uses a process that can ensure a more consistency and uniform in length, giving a fuller appearance from top to bottom while still maintaining a natural look and feel to reduce the need of a stylist to blend extensively. BELLAMI Professional Hair Extensions are double drawn. 


How can I prevent tangling or shedding Virgin Remy Hair?

To prevent tangling or shedding, it is important to regularly brush the extensions. Extensions should only be brushed when dry, using soft-bristle brushes that can gently detangle the hair. Excessive force or brushing when wet can cause the extensions to slip out or cause damage to the extension resulting in shedding or breakage. Using lightweight oils or detangling products can also help create a slip on the hair, resulting in the extensions moving freely without tangles.

Is Virgin Remy Hair suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Virgin Remy Hair is versatile and can be blended seamlessly with most hair types, providing a natural and voluminous look. 

Can Virgin Remy Hair be colored or styled?

Virgin Remy Hair can be colored and styled just like your natural hair in its pure, sourced form. However, due to the unique color process used in our production to create the final BELLAMI Professional hair extensions, BELLAMI does not recommend or advise coloring the extensions and it is done at your own discretion. Depositing color onto the extensions is seen as safe and should be done using a test strand technique. We never recommend or advise using any bleaching agents on the extensions. For any further questions please contact BELLAMI Customer service 

Does Virgin Remy Hair require special care or maintenance?

While Virgin Remy Hair is durable, because of the production processes required to create the final BELLAMI Hair Extensions, it requires regular maintenance to product the lifespan and integrity of the extensions. Gentle, hydrating, lightweight products should be used on the extensions, free from any harsh chemicals or that are overly clarifying. Leave-in products can be used on extensions and should be applied mids-to-ends, refraining from being applied from the point of attachment. Different product offerings require different methods of installation so you should see your BELLAMI Certified Stylist for regular maintenance of the extensions. Extensions should never be brushed wet or slept on when wet. Whenever heat is applied to the hair such as blowouts or heat styling tools, it is important to use a safe heat setting with a heat protectant thoroughly applied through the hair.  

Note that because this is a natural product, it will see normal signs of wear and tear, much like your natural hair. 

BELLAMI Professional sources Virgin Remy Hair and recommends BELLAMI Professional Moisture Restore shampoo and Moisture Restore conditioner to keep your Professional Hair Extensions in great condition for up to a year. 

When not in use, how do I properly store BELLAMI Hair Extensions sourced from Virgin Remy Hair?

Whenever the hair is not being worn, store your BELLAMI Hair Extensions in a cool, dry place, preferably in a storage box or bag designed for hair extensions. Hair should remain out of direct sunlight to preserve the color. Ensure they are clean and completely dry before storing to prevent damage before reinstalling. 

Can I swim with BELLAMI Hair Extensions sourced from Virgin Remy Hair?

It's best to avoid swimming with BELLAMI hair extensions to prevent damage from chlorine and saltwater. If you swim, use a protective swim cap, thoroughly rinse, and use a conditioning mask on the hair afterward. 


Can I reuse BELLAMI Hair Extensions sourced from Virgin Remy Hair?

Yes, with proper care and maintenance, BELLAMI Hair Extensions made with Virgin Remy Hair can be reused multiple times depending on the method, offering long-term value and versatility.  

How long do BELLAMI Professional Hair Extensions last?

BELLAMI Professional Hair Extensions can last anywhere from up to six months to over a year, depending on how well they are cared for and maintained. Regular, gentle care and proper maintenance and products can extend their lifespan. 


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