Infinity Weft 101  

Is the BELLAMI Infinity Weft a genius weft?

The BELLAMI Infinity Weft utilizes a similar technology. It is uniquely reinforced with a water-resistant sealant and offers a 45” width making it the longest, densest, and most versatile option on the market. 

How do I install BELLAMI Infinity Weft?

It is preferably installed using a beaded foundation. 

How many bundles of BELLAMI Infinity Weft do you need for a full head?

We recommend 2-3 packs for density; depending on the desired length, 3-4 packs may be needed. 

How many BELLAMI Infinity Wefts can be stacked in one row?

We recommend stacking at most 4 wefts. 

What methods can you combine BELLAMI Infinity Weft with?

You can combine all BELLAMI methods.  

Can you cut and fuse BELLAMI Infinity Weft?

Cutting the BELLAMI Infinity Weft at any point on the spine is safe without worrying about shedding. However, it is essential to comb out the ends after cutting. While fusing the ends together at a low temperature is possible, we do not recommend doing this as it could overheat the weft, compromising its integrity. 

Do I have to clip the edges at move-up?

No, the water-resistant seal prevents fraying.   

In what situation would I need to custom cut the spine?

The 45" wide spine requires custom cutting for all installations, so the weft can be tailored to each guest's needs. 

Is there any special care for working with the spine while drying and using heat?

To prevent melting, avoid applying direct heat to the spine. This could compromise the weft's integrity and cause shedding. Normal blow-drying is suitable. 

What beads work best with BELLAMI Infinity Weft?

Our new Micro Aluminum Beads (4mm x 2mm x 3mm) are recommended, with a larger size (5mm x 3mm x 3mm) available for thicker hair. 

Is the rubber/PU made with latex?

No, the Infinity Weft is latex-free. 

Why is a root important for the Infinity Weft?

The polyurethane spine won't absorb hair color and will remain the original color. Matching the spine color to the hair enhances the installation's seamless appearance. 

Is BELLAMI Infinity Weft a method for advanced stylists? How user friendly is it?

Join the BELLAMI Academy and learn the No-Show Row Advanced Education technique. It’s a one-day class that offers hands-on training for concealing micro-beaded foundations and working with the Infinity Weft, catering to stylists of all levels. Check our website for classes near you. 

Infinity Weft vs. Machine Wefts or Hand-Tied Weft  

How is the BELLAMI Infinity Weft denser than the Hand-Tied Weft while being slimmer?

The layers of sealant prevent bulkiness at the seam, allowing for a denser but slimmer profile. 

Is the BELLAMI Infinity Weft installed the same way as a Hand-Tied Weft?

Yes, both methods are preferably installed with a beaded foundation. 

Is this meant for a single install like Flex & Volume Weft or for stacking like Hand-Tied Weft?

Its usage varies depending on the guest's needs, but it is primarily designed for stacking. 

Does it stack like a Hand-Tied Weft or lay on its own like a classic machine Volume or Flex Weft?

Like the Hand-Tied Weft, it is primarily designed for stacking. 

Future Plans 

Does BELLAMI plan to release textured or wavy hair in the BELLAMI Infinity Weft collection?

Not now, but we monitor demand for Infinity Weft and expand the collection accordingly.   

Can you please make 26" and 28" for clients with long torsos?

Custom length options are available for Volume Wefts, Tapes, K-Tips, and I-Tips. Contact our customer service for more information. 


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